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Pressing the Pinot Noir

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The Pinot Noir was finished working fast, it was all fermented by Wednesday evening and so I collected the girls from school and we raced back home to put the Pinot Noir into the press.

The pH is now at 3.5 and I have added a malolactic culture. We have a paltry 100 lts but it is GOOOOOD!

So here it goes out of the open fermentation tank and through the press.

Scooping out the very last of the must from the open fermentation tank.

Scooping out the very last of the must from the open fermentation tank.

And the juice is pouring through the press.

And the juice is pouring through the press.

Pinot Noir going through the press.

Pinot Noir going through the press.

And then into the stainless steel variable tank.

And then into the stainless steel variable tank.

Chardonnay is next!


  • am impressed!
    you can be an inspiration!
    how long does it take for the first crop after planting

  • Dear Louise,
    I am a french studdent very interessed in East Africa and specially in the Turkana bassin. I would like to visit the center research in Ileret when I will come back to Ethiopia. I will be very glad to meet you and discover more about the area. Please can you contact me, I will give you more informations about my project. I really need your help.
    Have a nice day! Thank you.

  • dear Louise, so pleased to see, that you’re going on growing grapes and harvesting:-) – and that your amounts of grapes seem very much the same as in our place (you remember, your monkey are our wild boars and badgers…) – so small material is sufficient, to work on it.

    Would be nice to exchange a bottle of Kenia Pinot with our Pinot from the South of France…

    best regards


  • Nice blog, you’re doing a true labour of love.

    I wonder if you could help me with a address for one or two of the larger commercial wine makers in Kenya? I will visit the country in November and am interested in writing a story about Kenyan wine. And certainly drink some of it too 😉

    Greetings from Denmark

  • Thanks for this wonderful illustrated step by step explanation of the making of pinot noir. The fans of this wine would surely like to try this with pork trotters as many say. Just see how you could make them in this excellent write up here.

  • Hello,
    I visited your vineyard about a year ago with a friend of mine called Juliana. You gave me a bottle of 2009 Il Masin. I am not a wine drinker and cannot pretend that I know much about wine, but I must say that this was one bottle I enjoyed so much that I have never forgotten about it. Every time I am in a supermarket or shop that sells wine I stop and hopefully look for a bottle. Where or how can I get another bottle?


  • Kadri Humal Ayal, Honorary Consul of Estonia in Kenya
    February 14th, 2012 at 4:24 am

    I am writing on behalf of a group of farmers from Estonia, a small country within European Union. The group of farmers organises an annual Inspiration and Innovation Trip to a country in the world. March 25-31, 2012 they will be visiting Kenya and wish to meet with farmers here. There will be approximately 20 farmers in the group. The farmers are mostly dairy, pig and grain farmers.

    I am hereby requesting for a visit to your Winery. The group would like to see the wineyard and processing section with a knowledgeable and experienced guide/expert from the setup. Kindly reply on my email.

  • Great Blog, very inspiring! You must let us visit :-) Please let me know if it would be possible for me to arrange a day trip for our small wine club. Thanks

  • Interesting, didn’t know this happens in my neighborhood till I did a search on Kenya and grapes.

    Indeed a great labour of love no post since 2011 though how is the going?

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