Wednesday, October 6th, 2010...4:15 am

Bottling of the Chardonnay

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We have a total of 77 bottles of a very delicious Chardonnay this year!  A long way to go before we will be giving it out as christmas gifts. This vintage will have to be drunk with friends at Il Masin.

As usual we did our bottle cleaning over a smoky fire early Saturday morning.

Shining clean, recycled wine bottles are cooled on the bottle rack.

In the winery we then siphoned the wine into the cooled bottles before corking and capping them.

And a fine chilled Il Masin Chardonnay for lunch with good friends Bob and Heather Campbell to celebrate Bobs 80th birthday.


  • hello! I always enjoy reading the comments of your blog and see pictures of your beautiful vineyard. maybe in future we can interchange a bottle of pinot noir from my tiny colombian vineyard with another of your vineyard in Kenia.

  • hi, where is the situation 2012? any years ago, I had a vineyard in austria with yellow muscadine, now I life in kenya near mombasa and fly three times in the year for any weeks to europe, when you want, I bring you any grape vine to nairobi

  • Very interesting and enjoyable to see how the wine is made and amazing to discover that the Swaaili word for grape has Italian, or better, Sicilian origins

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