Monday, March 1st, 2010...9:46 am

Crushing of the Pinot

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We harvested the Pinot Noir on Saturday morning. We had 8 basins of grapes to crush- About 300 litres of must in the end. The fermentation is underway now. It takes about 5 – 7 days.
I would have liked it to have had another week on the vines but we had no option with the rain and cold wet mornings but to take it in. The wet weather was not doing the crop any good at all.

All said and done we had a Brix of 20, TA 1.25 and a pH of 3.3 so we should be ok with this. Will add the ML culture at the end of the primary fermentation this coming weekend.

Here are some images from Saturday last.

and then of course the girls helped with stamping on the grapes, which was great fun, until it got just a little too deep!

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  • Thanks for the great and pioneering work despite all the great hardships, am from Kenya and I live in S.E. US, I wonder if you have tried the muscodine grape ( it seems to be adapted to warmer climates and produces some excellent wines. I do not know much about wines but you might also try that.

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