Friday, February 26th, 2010...12:33 pm

A test Brix just over 20- Pinot harvest tomorrow.

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I took a sample of grapes from the  vineyard to test the Brix this evening and we are sitting just over 20. I had hoped to get this up a little higher but we will see what we have tomorrow with the full crop in. We are beginning to lose some of the crop now, especially to the Genet cats who go in to munch the grapes every night. Also with the light rain we have had over the past few days, the few shriveled grapes have begun to rot and we now have drosophila (fruit flies) in the day and hawk moths at night coming in to feed on the sweet juices which is not very helpful. So we need to move on harvesting this crop tomorrow or we will have left it too late and lose the quality which so far is looking good.

I will post the numbers again tomorrow evening with some pictures too. I love this weekend of the year, the fruits of all the love and labour that the team have put in all year, is quantified in those beautiful basins full of grapes!

Here are some picture I took on my phone at the beginning of this week.

Here my mother Meave, is examining the shriveled bunches that the fruit fly are into this evening.

A storm in the rift makes a dramatic backdrop and the bunches of Pinot Noir soaking up the hot sun in the afternoons.


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