Sunday, January 3rd, 2010...1:48 pm

Rains and its a spring green.

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We have now had some rain, not much but the dams are half full and the vines will do well with this now.  It was indeed worrying for a while. This morning we woke to a beautiful rainbow across the sky. Followed by 10mm of rain this morning.

Our rainfall for 2009 was as follows.

January 36.7mm, February 36mm, March 1.5 mm, April 104 mm, May 134mm, June 32 mm, July none, August 7.8mm, September none, October 58.5 mm, November 66.5 mm, December 60 mm.

Here are some bunches of fruit on the Pinot Noir taken this week. The bunches are a good size and we have a good crop by the look of the numbers that are on each vine. I confess that I left considerably longer fruiting canes this year to see if we could get a better crop. For some reason short canes at the equator struggle to produce fruit. We left 2 15 bud canes per vine with 2 or 3 renewals. In some cases we actually left three fruiting canes. However we have gone through the vineyard and thinned the vines a little to reduce the chance of mildews taking hold.

P.S. I have just seen a few comments that have come in since I was last online. Thank you and I will be getting back to you via email.

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