Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009...4:45 am

Where is the rain?

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Firstly we are waiting anxiously for our short rains to come. Its usual that November is wet. Its now December and we have had a total of 40mm at the vineyard. The weather map is looking hopeful towards the end of the week. We have had a full team working on the rock terraces which have been badly neglected and now they are beginning to look very smart again.

We are on the west facing slope of the Rift Valley just south of the Ngong Hills. The vines seem to do well on these terraces and will do better to have less root exposed now that the damaged benches have been repaired.

This photo was taken in the first week of October this year, just after we pruned the vines.

P.S. and an apology. Its been impossible to blog because of my absolutely terrible internet connections so I was frustrated and disheartened, especially after losing all I had done. I was never able to find any of my earlier posts which disappeared and so I decided I would give this all a rest.

Now I am pleased to say that I seem to have a better connection and I can get on line without having to make a cup of coffee and sometimes drink it before the page loads. This makes everything so much easier. So I have got lots to say again about this year at Il Macin.

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  • It´s wonderfull to see you again. I waited with patience and finally i can read your comments…. it´s a bit sad what happened to your early posts and about the poor internet connections.
    I usually read better english that to write… sorry but I try because for my it´s very interesting your project… (You gotta a fan).
    In Colombia the climatic change it´s notorious too. Usually october, november are very wet, but now these days are hot.
    It’s the ocation to desire to you merry chritsmas. and a happy new year.
    Carlos Suárez S.

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