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The Pinot crop of 2009

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We finally had a good crop. I think that leaving longer than usual fruiting canes on the Pinot Noir when I pruned the vines in October worked. It is all we can do to get a half decent crop partly because it is such a low fertility variety and its made worse growing it here on the equator. I pruned the vines back to two 10 to 15 bud canes and left several renewals. The vines will now rest through to next October.

We have had very little rain this year and with clear skies and hot sunny days the fruit ripened much more quickly than expected. There was good sugar content, the ants had discovered this too. We took it in with Brix 21 on the 14th of February, a full two weeks earlier than in previous years. We had a TA of 1.25 and a pH of 3.0 and now after the fermentation it is at 3.3.

Here we with some of the basins of grapes coming into the winery. Then my girls look on as we put them through the crusher/de-stemmer. We were early morning so the must was nice and cool at 14 degrees centigrade. The fermentation took 6 days and its now been put in a 250 lts stainless steel vat with the malolactic culture. I will just need to keep an eye on the pH to make sure that its working.


  • That’s so great to hear that you’ve had a good crop! It’s always wonderful when things finally go right!
    It does always amaze me – all that it takes to produce good quality wine. I was just reading an article in the latest Swirl and Sip – – all about barrels, I had no idea that even the “toast” of the barrel plays such an important part.

  • Frans-Joseph Brekelmans
    March 15th, 2009 at 3:20 am

    Dear alle, very surprised to see that wine is growing neer NGONG HILLS. We are building some windturbines over there. I like to visist you and see wat is posibbel on this height.
    Regards, Frans-Joseph Brekelmans

  • what’s new about your Pinot Vat? Has it developed nicely?

    We have still some weeks to go till the 2009 harvest – instable weather this year with lot’s or thunderstorms… wait and see…

    kindest regards from the South of France


  • A Friend of mine mentioned your blog,We love wine..I just did not believe you could grow exotic grapes like pinot noir in Kenya,well good luck…when do we get to sample or buy..Let us know.

  • Hi,

    Where did you get the initial vines from to start your vineyard. I’m interested in growing grapes in Kenya but haven’t been able to find the plants to get started.

  • Hi,
    I’m interested in growing grapes in Kenya. Where can i find the plant to get started.

  • Hi,
    I’m interested in growing grapes in kenya, where can I get the plant to get started.

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