Thursday, January 8th, 2009...1:19 pm

From the vineyard

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The Pinot Noir has lots of fruit on it this year, but the Chardonnay is not working for us. Perhaps it is the wrong grape to be growing here. The Pinot is just showing signs of the first few berries turning color and so we have brought in the bird chasers to keep the starlings and other birds at bay. They are going to be extra hungry this year as we are in desperate need of rain. Our short rains in November brought us only 4 inches which is considerably lower that we typically get and we have had nothing since. We have now given the vines their 4th bucket of water through a drip irrigation but the dam that this water is coming out of is very low.

Here is a picture of some of the Pinot Noir taken 4 weeks ago.

On my deleted posts, I have tried to get the back up I thought I had made up but have failed. Its lost and gone forever so I will continue from here on. All that was there is gone unfortunately.

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