Saturday, February 17th, 2007...3:40 pm

Green to pink to purple

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Seiyia and I were in the vineyard today. Things are looking good and the Pinot Noir grapes are darkening all the time. They turn from green to pink to deep purple. We still have some that have not yet turned but most of them have now.



Checking the berries sugar content today with Seiyia.

I am happy to see that the forecast is good with hot clear days and cool nights through this next week. This should markedly improve the sugar content. We had rain a week ago which meant that the sugar concentrations in the berries have been watered down slighly. The are now very tight bunches. Good thick skins and lots of pips.


The tight clusters are just beginning to show signs of berry pinching.


We get some berry pinching occuring in these final weeks but without rain this should not do any damage to the harvest as the pinched fruit dries fast. More rain at this stage would not be good.

We do also have 200 vines of Chardonnay still in the vineyard and these are a few weeks behind and are only just beginning to show signs of ripening.


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